ISS Company, a consultancy company that specializes in IT security. Our consultants are talented and certified and strive to keep your data safe. We help securing the information structure of your business.
The skill set of our employees are not limited to just security. We can offer consultancy on a wide range of business oriented IT services. We will optimize the IT infrastructure of your business with the highest level of service as our standard.


Throughout the years we have obtained a lot of knowledge through various projects. We have offered our expertise in security and other IT fields to large companies. And we will not leave until the job is done and we are guaranteed that the customers are 100% satisfied.
ISS Company strives to give you the best value for your investment by putting very skilled and experienced consultants on the job. By making sure the best people work on your project, whether this is securing your data or setting up a new database and infrastructure, you will have more time to spend on your core business.
On the left you can see a few of the large companies we have worked before.

Your data security is our specialty!


Our consultants leading specialists when it comes to IT security. But through years of training and experience they obtained several certificates for several IT fields.
These experiences with several IT programs will help make any project a success with the help of our senior consultants. Because we believe that at the core of every project is an experienced consultant that knows how to help you and your business strive.


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